What is the elephant in your room?

Leaders take control of issues that many others see but shy away from. Elephants may be daunting, but be courageous and take the first bite – address them. We get it! We communicate hard truths and are experienced in facilitating difficult conversations that people prefer to avoid.

Stop turning a blind eye to uncomfortable business issues, should it be measurable business and social impact, positive return on investment figures, measurable employee engagement, measurable communication results or maximising profits.

“Every company has an elephant in the room. These are the human behaviour problems that everyone tiptoes around.

DevCom’s communication professionals focus on minimising your business risk by managing your stakeholder relations, maximising your profit, and delivering measured business results. Give us the elephant in your room, and we’ll help you to break it down and eat it
– bite by bite.”

Mari Lee | Master Communicator, Founder & CEO

Elephant. Don’t think it, don’t picture it, don’t say it. Put all your focus into NOT acknowledging the elephant in your head. Stop seeing the elephant! It’s impossible, isn’t it?

This feeling x 10 people in your daily meeting = 10 distracted people. That’s 10 people not focusing on addressing the business risks, the best stakeholder engagement strategy or effective business measurement.

We are experts in dealing with organisations’ elephants. We communicate hard truths and facilitate the difficult conversations that everyone prefers to avoid. Don’t desperately try to ignore the beasts that are standing in the way of your excellence, use them to grow!

Our packages

Before signing it off, you need message testing.

With a brand narrative and tone-of-voice process.

Reach your target audience group.

What is your influence on your stakeholders?

Build reputation and stakeholder relationships with measured business results and social impact.

Change communication for projects.

Improving information exchange and product development performance.

Bring your communication and marketing departments to global best practice standards.