Build My Life: Empowering shop floor employees

2023: Builders

Build My Life is a peer-to-peer personal development model that allowed the Builders shopfloor employees to identify and change the areas in their personal lives that needed attention. The objective of this initiative is to motivate shop-floor employees to show up at work better prepared to tackle the targets of the day.  

The programme starts with a series of introduction sessions to all employees to create understanding of what the programme can do for them. Those who enrol do so voluntarily and start with a Greenlight Survey, a self-assessment of their personal and family circumstances. These and other issues are then discussed in a peer group format with the help of a 20-week life skills programme facilitated by a peer coordinator. 

The results in Builders have been astounding for most of the participants. Some employees experienced deep personal changes. The major first indicator, for most, was finance. They started to budget and created new income streams (where possible), pay off debt and/or put together a solid plan to pay off their debts, made better decisions with money that impacted nutrition, accommodation, and transport. Parents realised the need for active parenting with a change in school enrolment, safer accommodation, transport, and entertainment as a family.  There was a newfound awareness around the impact of culture on their family and finances. A new appreciation for the culturally diverse people they work with and improved respect for their managers and their job. Self-esteem grew which then allowed for difficult family conversations, engagement with management and confidence to make tough decisions. Some shared how they have managed to start a saving culture for themselves and families, become more confident in leading within their personal respective lives, stopped substance abuse. 

Some business indicators which potentially had a correlation to the Build My Life initiative that moved:  shrink and scrap, improved customer service, employee engagement, responsibility levels, leadership.