Do you need change communication, internal communication, or operational communication?

Communication management and the need and awareness of this need in the business context is expanding rapidly.

By DevCom founder and CEO, Mari Lee  |  Edited by Laura Potgieter |  30 March 2023

When I speak about what I do for a living, most people comment on how wide the field is, and how it is easily confused with PR, marketing, and events. Many people still have campaigning in mind when you mention communication.

In my master’s studies, I evaluated best practice award case studies from the internal communication fraternity in PRISA and the IABC, and found that only 9% of the case studies we awarded had feedback channels. Similarly, in the more than 210 communication-based research studies DevCom has completed over nearly 2 decades, we have found that for every 10 broadcasting channels companies have, there is one listening channel. No wonder people think that our job is to disseminate information. But that is not really our job.

This is what we do:

Communication professionals represent the voice of an organisation as it interacts with customers, clients, employees, partners, shareholders, competitors, and the community. The communication professional brings the organisation to life with a brand voice that aligns its verbal, visual and digital messages and activities with its mission and vision. By clarifying the brand, communication professionals also help ensure the organisation runs efficiently and effectively.

Communication professionals build a strategic communication plan based on thorough research, they communicate with a variety of audiences in a range of styles, they develop and edit content, and they assess where and how to communicate and how to evaluate the results of their work. They act as the organisation’s conscience and strive for financial, social, and environmental sustainability.