Putting a profession in the spotlight.

2020: South African Veterinary Council

For World Veterinary Day 2020, DevCom helped the SAVC to shine a spotlight on one of humanity’s noblest professions, the veterinary profession, which is passionately dedicated to creating a better world for animals and people.

Our client, the South African Veterinary Council (SAVC), is the regulatory body for vets, specialists, veterinary nurses, technicians, and technologists, with a statutory duty to determine scientific and ethical standards of professional conduct and education.

The client’s objective was to help the industry to pull together and raise collective awareness of the veterinary profession.

Our implementation

As part of our communication strategy, DevCom developed short, interesting messages about each profession, for registrees to share with their clients and networks via social media platforms and WhatsApp. We also helped them to implement the campaign.

  • In total, 35 messages were developed, designed and distributed, comprising five messages per profession and five messages for the SAVC Facebook page.
  • A communication pack was developed, to explain to registrees why they should participate in the overall campaign.
  • Three How To guides were distributed, to explain to registrees how to place their own logo onto an image, how to create a Facebook page, and how to draft a new WhatsApp status.
  • Two emailers were sent via MailChimp, to inform registrees of the campaign.

Left: Place your own logo post example.

Right: SAVC only social media.

Our impact

The readership statistics for the emailer campaign were incredible, with a 45.4% read rate for Email 1: “Celebrating World Veterinary Day 2020” and a 45.9% read rate for Email 2: “Share your posts about World Veterinary Day 2020”. The industry standard for email read rates is 20% to 30%.