A client who has walked with us for most of the past 10 years is well-known artist, entertainer and entrepreneur, Nataniël. We first met him during our tenure with Child Welfare Tshwane (CWT) when we secured his services as an ambassador for the organisation. He later fulfilled the same role for the national body, Child Welfare South Africa. We have been managing Nataniël’s foundation, The Nataniël Progress Project, for the last 5 years.

This partnership’s fairly modest NGO roots have since blossomed into an initiative that is about to be launched nationally.

In our shared CWT days, Nataniël personally funded a DevCom research project that revealed child protection as an issue that needed critical and urgent intervention. Working with the social workers at CWT, DevCom developed a child protection programme aimed at early childhood development (ECD) practitioners. Nataniël also funded this process, along with the first 2 000 books that were printed for the Tshwane rollout.

UNICEF picked the project up and DevCom is now working with this body of the United Nations on a national rollout programme that will be launched to South Africa’s top ECD practitioners at a national UNICEF congress in November.

Doing life-changing work with inspiring people is the DevCom way!

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