Mari is passionate about strategic communication and specialise in using business communication strategies in developmental settings. Since completing her B.BK (Baccalaureus in Business Communication, North West University) she has been involved in development communication full-time. She also received her BA Hons (Development communication) in 2005, and is one of a hand-full globally Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) in South Africa. She is currently reading towards her Masters Degree in Internal Communication at the University of Pretoria.

Mari founded Development Communication Solutions (DevCom) in 2005, after spending a number of years gaining valuable experience in approx. 13 different sectors including PR, communication & advertising agencies, banking, education, mining, jewellery & mineral beneficiation; health, specifically HIV/aids; social development (specifically child & women protection); information and technology, business development, philanthropy & non-profits, the public sector and government, funding agencies.

DevCom has received 15 global and local peer reviewed accolades including IABC African Quills, IABC Gold Quill Awards and PRISM Awards. Two of DevCom’s projects have been rated as the Best of the Best in the global IABC Gold Quill Awards, two years in a row (2013 & 2014).

Communication research is one of Mari’s strongest skills and she has conducted more than 45 communication research projects in her career, setting the foundation for measured strategic communication with impact in her client’s organisations.

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