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Understanding the business need

Understanding business goals, needs and objectives by doing a business analysis grounds the communication strategy in business strategy.



Communication Research

At DevCom we understand before we do. Research is our non-negotiable point of departure. Once we have pinpointed the gap between your business and its objectives, and the needs and perceptions of your stakeholders, we design and implement communication strategies and action plans to bridge the divide.


The DevCom team then crafts messages and use media to persuade the people involved in the process. Throughout implementation we use our knowledge, skills and attributes to ensure that communication projects are implemented to the highest quality.

Strategy & Action Plan

Understanding the audience and all the factors that can influence communication creates the right foundation for developing an excellent strategy and action plan. The communication tactics and tools are carefully selected once we have focussed on the people and the process that will lead to desired business objectives.

Evaluation & Measurement

Our insistence on measurement and evaluation ensures that our clients know what the impact of communication is on their business.



Our tools

• Annual Reports
• Asset Based Communication Development
• Below the Line Marketing Tools
• Briefing
• Branding
• Budget Control
• Business Model Development
• Change Communication Process
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Company Profiles
• Community Development
• Concept Development
• Corporate Identity Development
• Crisis Communication
• Corporate Social Investment

• Database
• Direct Campaigns
• Database
• Direct Campaigns
• Editing
• Events
• Fundraising
• Graphic Design
• Illustration
• Logistics
• Media Relations
• Meetings
• Networking & Connecting
• Newsletters
• Photography

• Presentations
• Press Release
• Printing
• Project Management
• Reporting
• Social Media
• Stakeholder Management
• Strategic Consultation
• Success Story Writing
• Training
• Translation
• Video Development
• Websites
• Workshops
• Writing